K18 ブラック喜平 K18 ブラック喜平

-APRE Black Kihei-

World's first K18 Black Kihei

We created the world's first black K18 Kihei. The world's first Kihei was developed jointly with one of Japan's leading jewelry manufacturers, with the slogan "Give you the ultimate sourness." Would you like to get your hands on a black Kihei that can only be purchased here in the world and wear the ultimate sourness? Since it is 18k gold, it can of course be sold at the same price as other 18k gold. Please give it a try. You can feel the real value.

Charm and features

The K18 Black Kihei is an accessory that is a true fusion of aesthetics and technology. It is processed using a generous amount of ruthenium, and its beautiful black shine captivates those around you. By wearing K18 Black Kihei, you can not only enjoy the beauty of black, but over time, the original shine of K18 gradually emerges from under the ruthenium and mixes with the jet black, as if it were in the heart of the Japanese people. It creates the beauty of a heart that respects the wabi-sabi that dwells in it. You can enjoy watching your Kihei develop its own unique personality over time.

K18 ブラック喜平 着用例 K18 ブラック喜平 着用例

-K18 Black Kihei-


20cm 20g

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K18 ブラック喜平 着用例 K18 ブラック喜平 着用例

-K18 Black Kihei-


50cm 30g

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K18 ブラック 喜平 ブレスレット トリプル12面 20cm 30g キヘイ 12面トリプル 十二面 18金 750 造幣局検印あり K18YG ルテニウム加工 新品 - 喜平 | APRE


Kihei collection

APRE's official online shop works with one of the world's leading Japanese jewelry manufacturers to develop products, so we carry many rare Kihei items that are not available elsewhere at great prices. Because we work with top manufacturers, we not only guarantee the highest quality, but also eliminate any unnecessary intermediate margins as we ship directly from the factory.In addition, the official website also restricts payment methods to bank transfers. , we offer top quality products at extremely low prices. Please try to get your hands on the real thing!

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