About handling

Adjusting the side stopper

The side stopper may become loose after repeated use.
The looseness of the side stopper can be adjusted by yourself.
The adjustment method is explained with images in the instruction manual enclosed in the Kihei box or at the URL below.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refer to it.
>>>Please read here for Kihei handling information.

When taking a bath or hot spring

For daily bathing, there is no problem with the quality even if you take a bath with Kihei on.
Pure platinum and pure gold do not discolor due to hot springs or bath salts.
Regarding K18 and Pt850, discoloration may occur.
We recommend that you remove your K18 or Pt850 Kihei when entering a hot spring.


When cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth or eyeglass cloth to remove sweat, sebum, and other dirt.
Be careful not to rub too hard as this will cause fine scratches.
We also recommend storing the chain in a jewelry box, etc., with the chain stretched out to prevent it from getting tangled.
For more information, please refer to the URL below.
>>>Please read here for Kihei care.


If you are happy with paying both the return and return shipping costs, we can accept repairs for a fee.
As the price depends on the condition of the product, we cannot advise you in advance.
Additionally, it may take one to two months from the time the product is repaired until it is reshipped.

Also, in the case of K18 or Pt850 products, it may be possible to repair them at your local repair shop.
Compared to our repair services, it may take less time and effort to complete the repair.
If you have purchased pure gold or pure platinum Kihei and would like to have the clasp repaired, but you are not particular about the denomination of the clasp, we may be able to repair it at a repair shop near you.
Please consider depending on your preference.

About the product

About the quality of Kihei products

Our Kihei products are manufactured in domestic factories.
The clasp also has a stamp of authenticity from the Mint.
There is no doubt about the quality as it has been inspected using a fluorescent X-ray analyzer.
We also enclose a quality certificate.
Please rest assured that if there is a discrepancy between the quality certificate and the product, we will accept returns.

About pure gold and pure platinum Kihei

K24 or Pt1000 is less strong than K18 or Pt850, so it is more susceptible to scratches.
Please note that we have not had any cases of damage or deformation due to normal use, so you can rest assured that both products are strong.
Additionally, K24 or Pt1000 has the advantage of being resistant to discoloration.
We hope you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Regarding the number of cuts

Kihei with a large number of cuts attracts more light, so it has a shine and a heavy feel.
We hope you can choose according to your preference.

About orders and modifications

We are very sorry, but we cannot accommodate orders such as adjusting the length or changing the clasp.
Kihei only sells products posted online.
We apologize for not being able to meet your expectations and appreciate your understanding.

About Kihei/Ingot product prices

Prices fluctuate daily around 10am on weekdays according to the bullion market price.
Please note that the price will be confirmed at the time of your order.

About payment methods

Payment services available

[Compatible cards]
・VISA card ・Master card ・JCB card ・American Express card

[Convenience store payment]
・FamilyMart, Lawson, Ministop, Seicomart, Daily Yamazaki

[Payment and other services]
・Google Pay
・Apple Pay

About installment payments

At the time of purchase, you can choose to pay in installments by selecting a variety of credit cards and compatible payment services.
Regarding the availability and status of installment payments,
We are unable to determine this as it depends on the credit card you have.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to pay by cash on delivery

Payment by cash on delivery is not possible at our official online shop or [ Amazon store ].
If you wish to pay cash on delivery, please use [ Rakuten Market Store ] or [ Yahoo Shopping Store ].
Please note that cash on delivery cannot be used if the invoice amount exceeds 300,000 yen. note that.

Regarding delivery

About delivery days

Once we confirm your payment, we will ship the item within 3 business days or on the specified date and time.
If no delivery date is specified, the item will be delivered on the earliest possible date.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone. We will respond as soon as possible.
Please note that delivery may be delayed from the scheduled delivery date and time depending on traffic and weather conditions.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers, and appreciate your understanding.

Change desired delivery date and time

We can only make changes to your order before it has been shipped.
Please contact us by email, contact form on various malls, or by phone.
Please note that you are responsible for changing the delivery date and time after the item has been shipped.

If you wish to stop at the office

If it is a Yamato Transport office, it is possible to stop at the office.
Please write your desired office in the order notes section when ordering, or contact us before shipping.
Please note that you are responsible for changing the shipping address after shipping.


About returns and exchanges

We can only accept returns if the product is initially defective or if the product is different from the one you ordered.
Please contact us within 3 days after receiving the product.
In addition, we do not accept returns due to customer convenience. Please note.

[Contact information for returns]
Apure Co., Ltd. 110-0005
5th floor EC section, A-RISE Okachimachi, 5-23-14 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Our precious metal products, such as Kihei coins and coins, do not come with warranties or certificates of authenticity.
All of our products have been inspected using a fluorescent X-ray analyzer, so there is no doubt about their quality.
Please rest assured that in the unlikely event that there is a difference in quality, we will accept returns.

About wrapping

When wrapping Kihei products, we only accept ribbons placed directly on the box.
This is free of charge, so if you would like it, please indicate so in the notes section when ordering.

About arrival notification

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not individually notify you when items are in stock.
In addition, if you register by clicking the "Restock Notification" button on the [ Rakuten Market Store ] product page,
Rakuten Market will notify you when the item is in stock.
Alternatively, we post information on arrivals, campaigns, limited sales, etc. on our [ Official Instagram ].
If you would like to receive information on new arrivals, please register here.