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APRE Online Store

Seller name <br>Apre Co., Ltd.
Sales manager name <br>Hironobu Takagi
Address : 110-0005
A-RISE Okachimachi Building 5F, 5-23-14 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
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About product sales

Product delivery time

We usually ship within 3 business days after receiving your payment.
However, there may be a delay if the item is out of stock or during busy periods.

The delivery method will be delivery processing (Yamato Transport).

Handling of defective products

Please be sure to check the product when it arrives.
The following items will be replaced free of charge as soon as possible.
Please return the product to us within 3 days after receiving the product.
  • If the ordered product and the delivered product are different
  • Damaged product

About returns

If the product is not defective and you wish to return it, please return it to us within 3 days of receiving the product.
The customer is responsible for paying the shipping costs.
However, we cannot accept returns in the following cases.
  • Product you used
  • Products that have been scratched or damaged by the customer
  • Products that have been processed, renovated, etc. by the customer
  • Products with missing accessories at the time of delivery

Payment method and payment period

You can use the following payment methods.
Please see our Shipping and Payment Methods page for more information.

Bank transfer (prepayment)
After confirming your payment, we will ship the product.

cash on delivery
Please pay for the product when it is delivered.
A cash on delivery fee will be charged.

credit card
VISA, MASTER, DC, and JCB cards are accepted.
We will ship the product immediately after placing your order.

shopping loan
After placing your order, the shop will contact you via email with payment method details, so please check the details.

Necessary charges other than product price

  • Consumption tax (10%)
  • Shipping Fees (For details, please see the Shipping and Payment Methods page.)
  • If you select cash on delivery as your payment method, there will be a cash on delivery fee.
  • If you select bank transfer fees as your payment method, you are responsible for paying the bank transfer fees at the time of transfer.

Application expiration date

If we cannot confirm payment within one week from the order date, we will cancel your order.


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