Regarding the handling of Kihei

How to adjust the side stopper

If the side stopper becomes loose, press the recessed part from above and below to adjust it and it will stay firmly in place.

Pushing too hard may cause damage such as bending or breaking. Please be careful when applying force.

If you tighten it too much and it becomes stiff, insert a toothpick into the tip of the side stopper to adjust it.

How to open and close the inner clasp

(1) Remove the side stopper outward.
*Please note that if you forcefully remove the clasp without noticing this part, it may break.

(2) Check the bent hook part at the base of the side stopper, hook it with your fingers, and pull it in the direction of the arrow.

(3) Open the folded hook part until it is fully open.

(4) Remove the hook part.

*Please note the following points when purchasing.

Our store cannot accept repairs, processing, or orders.
If you have any problems with the adjustment points other than those listed here, please contact your local repair shop (on your own).

How to open the middle clasp

How to adjust the side stopper